Holiday Gift Guide for Spiritual Women

Hey everyone! You may be scratching your head on what to get your spiritual friend for the holidays, but don’t worry. This is a list of items that I’ve used and enjoyed, and I know your spiritual friend will too. Or of course, forget about your friend and buy them for yourself ;). I highly recommend supporting small businesses when holiday shopping, as I know personally that every order means so much to a small business owner!

Gifts for Spiritual Women

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Planning & Reading

1. Cultivate What Matters - PowerSheets - $58

This will be my first year using PowerSheets! I received mine a few weeks ago and I really love the format. It seems like a great resource to form and plan long term goals and to keep yourself accountable to those goals. I think this will be a great addition to Rooted to break down big annual goals.

2. Rooted the Planner - $30

Self plug! Rooted the Planner makes a great gift to any woman. The planner balances productivity and self connection. Using Rooted will help you feel more balanced, lighter and more productive by providing you the space every day to celebrate, set intentions, and more! This makes an excellent gift for those trying to get more done but to stay connected to your Self.

3. Anxy Magazine - $25

Anxy Magazine is a B E A U T I F U L magazine that touches on topics that we frequently stuff down, the most recent issue I purchased was on boundaries. Anxy is creating awareness around mental health and depression and I highly recommend the magazine. This would make a great gift for any women doing shadow work or someone feeling alone in their feelings.

4. Musings from the Moon - $39

This book of poetry and illustrations is a joy to read and flip through. This would make a great gift for someone who loves poetry or maybe someone who doesn’t have time to sit down and read a whole book.

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Tarot + Affirmation Decks

5. Mesquite Tarot Deck - $44

The illustration on this deck is stunning! I love looking at the cards and reading their descriptions. This is a great gift for Tarot lovers or for those who have never owned a deck before.

6. Dreamy Moons Affirmation Cards - $52

I LOVE these cards. They are stunning and the affirmations are very helpful. They are handmade by Annie Tarasova, who is a truly amazing artist. These make a great gift for those women in your life who love to stick post it notes to their mirrors. You know who you are.

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Beauty Products

7. Milk & Honey Bath & Body Oil, Nº 18 - $24

This body oil is luxurious. The feel of the oil and the smell are my favorite. You can either drop this oil into a bath or you can apply the oil directly to your skin. Love love love. This gift is made for anyone who’s skin needs a little extra self care.

8. A Wild Light Apothecary Queen of Boundaries Spray - $18

THIS STUFF! Do I even need to stay more? Who doesn’t need some help with their boundaries! This would make a great gift for all the people pleasers out there who need some help putting up a forcefield.

9. Fat & The Moon Dream Weaver Mist - $12

This. Spray. Smells. Amazing. For those looking for a little more help in the sleep department, this is a great gift for relaxation and pre-bedtime routines.

10. Mad Ritual Muscle Recovery - $40

This salve work so well. The CBD mixed with peppermint & Eucalyptus helps soothe my muscles. There is something about the smell of Eucalyptus that makes me feel like I’m at the spa. Just me? This would make a great gift for the spiritual athlete out there who could use some extra support in their recovery.

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Other Gift Ideas

11. Jillian Anderson’s Jade Eggs - Prices Vary

Using a Jade Egg promotes serenity, soothers irritability, and connects the womb to heart chakras. This is a great gift for any spiritual woman.

12. Tiny Treeline Jewlery - Prices Vary

Tiny Treeline makes stunning minimalist jewelry out of raw crystals. Most of her pieces describe what each gemstone represents and what that necklace could do for you. I love my Howlite Guardian stone necklace, helping protect me against doubt. A great gift for those looking for a talisman or a little extra support in their day to day.

13. Holly Pixel Pins - Prices Vary

These pins! They are so cute and the perfect gift at a reasonable price. I pin them on my backpacking pack for something a little extra when I’m out in the woods.

14. Elevater Apparel - Prices Vary

Elevater Apparel is a collaboration between me and my friend Camille. The shirts are elevated graphic tees so you can communicate your favorite things through your favorite shirt. My personal favorite being “I wet my plants”, although my husband says I shouldn’t be able to wear it since I don’t have any plants.

15. Distance Reiki with Kristi Norman - $50

I cannot say enough good things about Kristi’s distance Reiki! The service is truly incredible and insightful but also action oriented. Really anyone who’s ever needed guidance could use this as a gift this year! I’ve never felt so supported.