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Jillian Anderson



Before hiring Kate I used to try and make my own graphics in Canva (the keyword here is 'try'), and let me tell you they were so basic, and I was not staying consistent with fonts, or the look and feel I wanted to convey. Now I feel much more professional and organized, and I don't have to worry about my designs looking good or looking like me.

Working with Kate helps me stay focused on the things I am actually good at. What I love the most about working with her is the energy she brings to the project. Her great designs are a byproduct of that energy!I trust her creative vision and her designs. Her communication skills, and ability to touch base quickly and efficiently make me feel so supported!


Anastasia Holland



Jamie Alger



Before working with Kate, I had a very basic website and I didn't feel proud of it. Therefore, I didn't use it often or navigate people to it. Now, I am excited about my website and it will act as a platform. I will lead people there to see my writing on the blog and information about my current offerings. It feels good to have a platform of my own instead of relying completely on social media.

Very professional. Top of the line quality. Branding that will bring beauty and a total makeover to your presentation. Kate will no doubt make you feel proud of your brand. Presentation is the first thing people notice about you. You want to make an impact. You want to have a lasting impression. Kate gives you that.



Madeline Charles