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The Healer’s Guide to Launching with Power and Ease

Discover the most effective system for launching your soul-guided offerings, and make the inner shifts you need to make, in order to align with your enrollment and profit goals.

90 min Masterclass with Jillian Anderson and Anastasia Holland where you'll learn:

+ The biggest mistake healers make when launching, and how to avoid it.

+ How to successfully launch your offerings, even if you don’t have a massive audience.

+ The energetics and strategy behind consistent five-figure launches.

+ How to plan and implement a successful launch that leaves you with a higher income, inspired, energized,  and a feeling of, “That was so easy! I’m ready for more!”



90 Min Masterclass with Jillian Anderson and Anastasia Holland where you'll learn: 

+ The real purpose of a free discovery/alignment call.

+ The overall strategy of a call, and a step by step breakdown for you to follow.

+ How to powerfully avoid the energy of convincing your potential client

+ How to pivot powerfully into the pitch (while maintaining an energy of service).

+ Sharing the investment with grace and confidence, and next steps.


Money Goals Masterclass

Discover your #1 self-sabotaging behavior so you can stop hitting your income ceiling, and have a real-deal breakthrough instead. 

90 min Masterclass with Jillian Anderson and Anastasia Holland where you’ll learn:  

+ How to use your calendar to magnetize money, maximize your offering’s potential, and quadruple your income streams.  

+ How your scarcity archetype is holding you back and how to stop self sabotage in its tracks.

+ How making more money isn’t just about having more offerings: discover your current money magnet in your business.

+ The mindset and life shifts needed for big financial months.

+ How to heal money blocks and and let go of old financial baggage.



Q: I’m super busy, will I have time to actually digest the classes and get results?

A: Yes! The content is designed to be easy to digest (we don't like overwhelm) and easy to implement. 

Q: What format are the masterclasses in?

A: Each masterclass is in video format.

Q: I’m just starting out and have a business idea, is this for me?

A: This is most valuable for a woman who needs to learn the practical tools and strategies that’ll take her to the next level. For instance, if you don’t know who you serve yet, and why, you won’t receive the full benefit of the Soulful Success Holiday Bundle. That said, if you're one of those people who needs to know whats ahead on the path, you're welcome to join us!

Q: I’ve taken similar classes before, how are these different?

A: We view business building and career growth through the lens of deep healing. We filter everything through this perspective. In doing so, we’ve been able to help our clients and students create lasting changes, that go deeper than quick wins/gains.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes! 

Q: Are the calendar pages in the launch guide dated or can I fill them in based on what month I need to?

A: There are dated and undated calendars in the Quarterly Planning & Launch Guide. Oct - Dec are dated for the final quarter of the year but there is also a blank calendar that you can use again and again in future quarters. 

Q: How do I access the videos once I purchase?

A: After you purchase you will be sent an email with links to both the Quarterly Planning & Launch Guide and The Soulful Success Bundle. Your planners will be shipping to you in the mail shortly after! 

Q: Do I get lifetime access to the videos?

A: Yes! You do! Once purchased, they're yours forevs! 


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